REVIEW - Söngvar elds og óreišu, MisŽyrming

Icelandic Black Metal continues to go from strength to strength and MisŽtyming(pronounced ‘Męs-tęr-meing’) find themselves firmly added to the already long list of stellar releases from the isle in the last few years with their latest offering Söngvar elds og óreišu. Like other contemporary’s Svartidauši and Sinmara, MisŽyrming utilise what is often a claustrophobic sound with eerie and dissonant guitar riffs that jar in and out of your cerebral with a razor sharp intensity, whilst at the same time utilising a sense of ambience that only the harsh backdrop of Iceland’s nature seems to provide to its Black Metal devotees.

Released as a co collaboration between Fallen Empire Records & Norway’s Impeccable taste makers at Terratur Possessions quickly sold out and it’s not hard to see why with such a high level of musicianship and variety on offer with formidable, memorable riffs. Furthermore, it goes some way towards merging a variety of different Black Metal styles to come up with something quite captivating.

Like their fellow countrymen, MisŽyrming are also stepping into the live arena with a string of shows around Europe planned for 2015 culminating in an appearance at the Nidrosian Black Mass V in Brussels which Denim & Leather hope to attending. The future looks bright (or should I say grim) for the Icelandic Black Metal scene with expected releases from Mannveira, Našra and Abominor to come in the near future and I for one can’t wait

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Artist - Jesters of Destiny
Title - The Sorrows That Refuse to Drown
Label - Ektro

Thirty years after Jesters of Destiny arrived, dropped Fun at the Funeral and disappeared back into the night, they’re finally back with a second full length release courtesy of Ektro Records, and whilst it could never live up to first album, the eccentricity of the band shines through once more and it’s a crazy ride from start to finish. Pick it up on April 4th!



Artist - Hammerfest IX
Date - 23rd- 26th March
Venue - Pwllheli, Wales  

One of our main highlights of the year, this month we’re off to Wales for Hammerfest, HRH’s Heavy Metal flagship. With the return of two Power Metal titans alongside a host of others, this year looks to be one of their best ever. We’ll be covering the whole festival and conducting interviews as well so lookout for the cameras!