VOTA REVIEW: Atmosphere, Kladovest

For those of you who don’t know, Kaldovest are a Ukrainian atmospheric Black Metal project consisting of Dmitry K.(of Flammersjel) And Thurios (of Drudkh and Astrofaes fame). Here I will be reviewing the Cassette version of the album Atmosphere from 2012 released by Warewolf promotions/Putrid Cult and limited to 320 copies. From the album title and the cover art alone you can already guess what awaits you within which is something that really is nothing short of what it says on the tin; Atmosphere, and heaps of it.

The album opens with ‘Autumn Breath’, which is by far the most ethereal and melancholic track on the album, and also the track I find myself coming back to time and time again. It has a rich simplicity to it with minimalistic albeit repetitive layered riffs and low tempo drumming that puts you into a rapture like state, leaving your head filled with visions of ancient forests not unlike those depicted on the album cover. The next two tracks ‘Absurd’ and ‘The Tree’ will sound a bit more familiar to fans of Astrofaes thanks to the up tempo, more traditional black metal elements present. These tracks still ebb and flow though and have some quality, memorable riffs to them as well as more teeth in general that still maintain an alluring sense of melody. Finally, ‘Fragments of the sky’ returns things to the hypnotic and melancholic beauty of the album opener. The low tempo drums and layered guitars add to its foreboding sense of isolation, giving the listener the feeling of standing at the foot of a great mountain range alone,cold, and with the vast majesty of nature laid out before you.

All in all this is a solid black metal album and has lived up to its name. Well worth a listen, especially whilst out walking or in a darkened room by candlelight. Recommended for fans of Burzum, Drudkh and Astrofaes, and with Thurios on Vocal duty what more can you ask for? The Album is also available on CD and LP formats from No Colours Records but the A5 Digi CD was limited to 200 copies with the LP was limited to 250 copies.



Artist - Jesters of Destiny
Title - The Sorrows That Refuse to Drown
Label - Ektro

Thirty years after Jesters of Destiny arrived, dropped Fun at the Funeral and disappeared back into the night, they’re finally back with a second full length release courtesy of Ektro Records, and whilst it could never live up to first album, the eccentricity of the band shines through once more and it’s a crazy ride from start to finish. Pick it up on April 4th!


Artist - Hammerfest IX
Date - 23rd- 26th March
Venue - Pwllheli, Wales  

One of our main highlights of the year, this month we’re off to Wales for Hammerfest, HRH’s Heavy Metal flagship. With the return of two Power Metal titans alongside a host of others, this year looks to be one of their best ever. We’ll be covering the whole festival