If you’re looking to get in touch with us for any reason, for example if you’re hoping to gift us your Warlock records and need our address, then hopefully the information below will point you in the right direction. If E-Mail isn’t your thing then you’ll find links to our Facebook and Twitter pages at the top right of the page to get hold of us that way.

There are two ways you can advertise with Denim and Leather. The first involves sending over your artwork to our specifications and choosing how you want your adverts displayed and depending on your budget we’ll build you a package. Please note that we only accept professionally designed adverts and banners for use on the site. Secondly, and for those without the adverts to supply, we offer a complete package of building and hosting of your adverts. Whether you’re a band, record company, festival or otherwise, we’ll professionally design your adverts for you and give you a preview before publishing them. The adverts are then yours to own if you wish to host them elsewhere too. For any enquiries, send us an E-Mail for more information.

Although we are a small team of three writers here at Denim and Leather, we’re always looking to have guest writers come in and give us a different perspective on things. If you think you have something to offer the site then E-Mail us a review over of the most recent gig you’ve been to and if we think it’s a good fit then we’ll write you back with some praise and publish the article. If you’re reading this and thinking that we’d love to hear your review of the Papa Roach and Sum 41 Mega Metalz Spectacular the other night, kindly remind yourself that you’re not well and close whichever E-Mail client happens to be your preference down immediately.

Although this might seem quite hard to grasp at first glance, our editor is also a professional photographer when he isn’t busting his gut to bring you the very best in black, folk, power, pagan and more from the world of heavy metal news and reviews. If you’re a band looking to have some promotional or live shots taken, a record or PR company needing the services of an experienced rock and metal photographer, or even someone who’s looking for some help in making a music video, then get in touch for some available options. You can find some of Nick’s ranging work both on our Flickr page or at his company’s Facebook page.

Contact us whatever your subject at the following: - For general enquiries, advertisement queries, writing opportunities, photography services. - For general enquiries, information on Drew’s blog, guest list invitations for any London or Brussels shows. - For enquiries about Voice of the Ancients, info on where to send your tapes or zines for review.

Any physical promotional materials should be addressed to the following:

Denim and Leather
31 Churton Road
United Kingdom