INTERVIEW: Power Quest

After the news broke that UK Power Metal stalwarts Power Quest had decided to make a triumphant return to the scene three years after their emotional farewell set at Bloodstock, we were excited to find out their plans. The only man truly qualified for the job was of course our roving reporter and PQ megafan Terry Devaney, so he sat down with the man himself Steve Williams to find out what exciting things were to come.

Hi Steve! After recently watching your video about the return of Power Quest, you said you felt like the band had unfinished business. So when you played bloodstock for the last time did you truly believe that was the end of Power Quest or did you have it in your mind that it couldn't be the end and that you'd bring Power Quest back someday?
Well, to be honest, I was at the end of my tether financially by August 2013 after 12 years of running the band and financing the vast majority of what we had done over the years. I think there was also an element of frustration with seeing far less able bands making a career out of music whilst we battled on as weekend warriors with our respective day jobs for all that time. At that point there was no thought of coming back or such like. I needed a break and needed a change for a myriad of reasons, some music related and some personal. I must say though that I've been blown away by the response to the return of the band and that it means so much to so many people around the world.

I've never heard of Dendera or Ashley Edison personally, but when you got Power Quest back together and were looking for a singer did you have him in mind for it or just hope you would find the right guy through auditions? I can only imagine how difficult it is to find singers who are capable of singing some of the higher pitch vocals that appear so frequently in your songs, who are to deliver live as well as in the studio.
Once I knew that Colin wouldn't be able to come back to the band due to his activities with Memoreve, which he had been working on for a couple of years, Ashley was the only person I considered. Vocally and personally he had exactly what I wanted in a singer/frontman and the fact that he lives in the same city as me was a massive bonus as well. Yes, some of the PQ canon is notoriously difficult for singers to tackle but Ashley has that rare ability to deal with the high stuff and the lower register tunes as well. Definitely check out the latest Dander album Pillars of Creation though mate. Cracking record!

After having taken the time out to mull everything over, were you bursting with ideas you had come up with during the break, or was this new album a completely fresh start from the get go?
Obviously I wasn't doing PQ for the best part of 3 years but I was playing with Eden's Curse so I hadn't really taken time out to mull things over so to speak, merely taken the opportunity that was presented to keep playing music but without the massive responsibility of being the main man in the organisation and finance stakes. It's a curious thing as well that those 3 years were probably my leanest in terms of writing since PQ started. Maybe I had lost my mojo in that regard, who can say? All I can say is that once I had a lineup of PQ together again (which was January 2016) my muse seemed to return and since then I've been writing like there is no tomorrow.

Since Bloodstock, have you kept much interest in the Power Metal scene and any of the releases in the last 3 years or have you taken the time to switch off? I remember reading that you would love to work with Jorn Lande and Bob Catley one day, and they were both heavily involved in Avantasia's latest release Ghostlights, for example.
To be honest, I don't keep up with the scene like I used to in the old days. This is primarily due to a genuine lack of time. My day job is pretty full on and when you couple that with overseeing all aspects of PQ and trying to maintain a property and a relationship there just isn't the chance to be as on the ball as I used to be. I have a slight suspicion that as I approach the age of 45 that I'm more interested in listening to what I like and writing music rather than discovering new things. I certainly had a lot of ambitions to work with other artists and have been offered chances to do so but nowadays I'm sticking to PQ. I don't have the luxury of enough time off from work per annum to be able to dedicate holidays from work to other people sadly and the time I do have is required by PQ of course, probably more so now than ever.

With Power Metal being my favourite music genre and Melodic Death Metal being a close second, keyboards are very important for me. Do you have a favourite player?
I have a number of favourite keyboardists, certainly ones who I've found inspiring over the years. Heading up that list would be ex DT man Kevin Moore, Marillion maestro Mark Kelly, Rick Wakeman, Derek Sherinian and Jens Johanssen of Stratovarius.

I saw your recent video on Facebook that answered a lot of the questions I had regarding touring and album re-releases, but I'd like to know what was it that finally clicked that made you realise that you wanted to try it again and bring Power Quest back?
I think I realised that commercial or financial success are immaterial. This band is as much a part of me as my right arm or left leg is and without it I'm genuinely not the same person. I missed the social aspect of being in PQ as well...regular rehearsals and get togethers with the lads. It's all key for me. In an odd sort of way, the fact that I have worked from home in my day job for the past two years made me realise that I missed that rehearsal time with the lads even more than perhaps I thought.

In the past I would agree to do shows to help people out on occasion or do tours that perhaps were a little bit too costly. This time it has to be hardball when it comes to the numbers. If the numbers don't add up then we can't undertake a tour or a festival or even make a record. It's as simple and as brutal as that I'm afraid to say.

I for one am a huge fan and I'm made up that you decided to bring it back, you deserve it and your music deserves to be heard, and hopefully I'll be able to make it down to London September 10th to see the gig and I can't wait to hear the new album. Best of luck for the new album and tour, thanks very much!
Many thanks for the chance to talk PQ with you Terry. Hopefully see you in London if you can make it. Cheers fella!



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