Back in 2013 I started writing a Heavy Metal blog for a small publication in Liverpool, England called Low Down Magazine. Despite having a big interest in writing I hadn’t had anything published before, I just went to a shit load of shows. My Dad being the champion of my work that he was got me the gig after convincing the editor to give me a shot when doing some advertising work with them. I learned a lot during my time at the magazine but sadly it shut down and became online only, suffering the same cruel fate as most self-funded publications of its kind. After that I stopped writing indefinitely not expecting I’d ever pick it back up again, which felt like a shame really because my articles had always been well received and generated some pretty big numbers in online traffic too. It was then, though that me and two of my lifelong best mates(who are also brothers) came up with the idea of going it alone; launching our own website and between the three of us producing enough content to keep it ticking over, and coupled with using my day job as a photographer to bring the articles to life maybe even make a real go of it. We’d talked about the idea whilst away at a festival once and mapped out plans for world domination whilst surrounded by empty bottles of rum, but sadly it had never turned into anything real due to our mutual habit of working too hard to leave any time left for creativity.

Biff, Chip & Kipper
Skip forward eight months and here we are launching our brand new website, with a wealth of content ready to go from launch. We’ve got Drew McKeown reviewing the latest albums from bands you wished you’d found yourself as well as gigs from London to Brussels. We’ve got Siggi reviewing some of the gems from his extensive Black Metal tape collection and looking at the immortal art of the heavy metal fanzine culture. We’ve got a host of guest writers from around Europe and even across the pond who will be contributing over the coming months. And as for me, I’ll be overseeing it all, photographing everything we cover, and if time allows even committing some articles themed towards my own passions within heavy metal too.

Why Denim and Leather?
When I had to choose a name for my column at the magazine back at the start, I whittled it down from a huge list and eventually settled with the title of Saxon’s fabled album. The thinking was simple; it doesn’t matter if you spend your nights under candlelight listening to Moonspell, drawing post-apocalyptic artwork to Manilla Road in your bedroom or dancing in the mirror to Nightwish- if you don’t like Saxon then this probably isn’t for you. After deciding to go ahead and launch a website of our own, we thought about a new name, something more ‘krieg’, but decided to stick with Denim and Leather for one reason. Between the three of us we have an extremely eclectic taste in metal. I’ll be rubbing my hands when the new Freedom Call album has arrived whilst the other two are perusing a Russian folk Black Metal release limited to 8 copies. But when we’re on the road, there’s nothing we enjoy more than pumping out ‘Princess of the Night’ and belting out every word along with it. Nothing encapsulates who we are more, so it just made sense.

I really hope you enjoy the site, find the articles insightful, and find some new bands you love along the way, and I hope to meet as many of you as possible whilst we’re covering gigs and festivals to listen to any feedback you might have. For now, this is The White Knight of Love signing off.

Nick Malone,


Our editor, writer, photographer and resident ballad enthusiast is the luke warm water between Siggi and Drew's fire and ice.

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